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Moongpattana International Public Company Limited is the professional trading company with territories in Thailand and Indochina.


We have expertise in market analysis with a great knowledge in brand management, including channel and sales management which could add value to customers or our business partners to achieve their business goals at the most effective level. We are certified by ISO9001:2008, which can assure you to receive the utmost international service.


Moong Pattana International Public Company Limited has distribution network throughout Thailand with various kinds of consumer products distributed from our distribution center to all kinds of shop types both Traditional Trade, and Modern Trade such as supermarket, department store convenient store, drug store, baby shop and special channel as well as our neighborhood countries, such as Laos and Cambodia

Moong Pattana International Public Company Limited valued in the most effective distribution system, we have put substantial investment to keep improving our technology to support our Sales Force Automation in order to create most effective distribution system with the most accuracy, including the system to support Modern Trade Customer and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and especially ERP (SAP) system for the best sales analysis.



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